TSM - English


what i do now.

When I teach students English, I think it's important to make them happy.
And I think why I teach students English.
Do I want them to be smart?
Do I want them to get high scores on exams?
I don't think these things.
I always want them to be happy.
And I want them to make the future world better.
So I help them make their dreams come true.
I teach them English and some knowledge to make the future world better.
In the future, English teacher will Not be needed in Japan.
When the world is like that, Is it very exciting world isn't it?
I want the world to be like that.
So I teach students some knowledge that is important in the future world, and I teach students How we think, How we should think, and What the world think and what we should think for the world and for the future world.
There are no answers in the textbooks.
The textbooks have some basic knowledge, And this knowledge helps us think what our future world is like.
Some students don't like textbooks and some classes at school.
But these students will not be greater people because they don't have important knowledge to make the world happier.
Of course, I know, all of the knowledge in the textbooks are not important for us.
But these are basic ideas for future world and these are basic ideas for what students will study at their universities in the future.
So I teach students some ideas with textbooks.
I want the world more exciting than now.
And the world wll be made more exciting by my students, and they have some ideas to make the world exciting and happy.